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Thank You to Our Amazing Sponsors


Welcome to the West Niagara Fair's dedicated sponsor appreciation page. We are overjoyed to extend our warmest gratitude to the exceptional sponsors who have made the 2023 West Niagara Fair an unforgettable success. Without your steadfast support, this incredible community event wouldn't have been possible.

Our Valued Sponsors

A special shout-out to each of our sponsors who played a crucial role in bringing the West Niagara Fair to life this year. Your commitment and investment have made a significant impact on the entire community.

Fill The Barn

$3000 - $5000

We extend our deepest gratitude to the generous supporters who have contributed between $3000 and $5000 to our cause. Your remarkable contribution not only aids in our mission but also signifies your commitment to nurturing growth. Just as a barn serves as a foundation for a thriving farm, your support forms the cornerstone of our success. With your partnership, we're building a solid foundation for a brighter future.

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Township of West Lincoln

Wayne Schilstra

Grow & Sow

$1000 - $2999

To our valued "Grow and Sow" sponsors, whose contributions range from $1000 to $2999, your dedication to our vision is truly inspiring. Like skilled farmers tending to their crops, you sow the seeds of progress and cultivate change. Your support is the vital force behind the growth of our endeavors. With each dollar you contribute, you're helping us nurture innovation and bring our dreams to fruition.

Smithville Home Hardware

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Egg Farmers of Ontario

Niagara Pallet


Niagara Pork Producers


Oosterhof Concrete

Carol Nichol

Food For Thought

$500 - $999

"Food for Thought" sponsors, contributing between $500 and $999, are the backbone of our initiative. Your contributions are a testament to the idea that even the smallest seed can yield a bountiful harvest. Just as each thought leads to knowledge, your support translates into meaningful progress. Your generosity sustains us, allowing us to plant the seeds of education, inspiration, and transformation.

O’Neil’s Farm Equipment

Redtrac International

Sicard Holiday Campers


Boost The Roots

$200 - $499

Our "Boost the Roots" sponsors, with donations ranging from $200 to $499, are the nourishment for our growth. Like water and nutrients fortify a plant's roots, your support strengthens our foundation. Your investment fuels our efforts, propelling us to new heights. With each boost, you empower us to reach further and achieve more, making a tangible impact on our journey.

Ag & Turf

Beamsville Fish & Chips

Beef Farmers of Niagara

Berg Equipment

Carol & Fred Lowden

Creekside Country Market

John’s Auto Supply

Lowden’s Feed & Supply

Nancy’s Fibre Art Shop

Niagara Feather Fanciers

Peninsula Lakes Golf Course

Russell & Henrietta Lowden

Stephen & Sarah Capell

Steve Vooys Trucking

SunMar Farms

Vitucci Farms

Wellandport Hardware & Farm Supply

Seed for Feed

$20 - $199

A heartfelt thank you to the "Seed for Feed" sponsors, who have contributed between $20 and $199. Your belief in our cause reminds us that even the smallest seed can make a big difference. Just as seeds grow into sustenance, your support fuels our ability to provide essential resources. Your contributions might be humble in size, but they are mighty in their significance, feeding the growth of our mission.

Alison Both

Ann Marie Chechalk

Barb McKenna

Barb Schilstra

Brenda Dunlop

Bucknall Farms

Carruthers Printing

Comfort Sheep

Dave & Sharon Haws

Deanna Bartels

Debbie Meindersma

Elcho Valley Dairy Goats

Fine Line Woodworking

Frankie’s Goats

Helen Klassen

Helen Thomas

Jan & Heather Chechalk

Jane Lock

Janice Wright

Jeff DeBoer and Family

Joann Chechalk

Joanne Battersby

Jonathan Dugdale, OIFO-Acres

Lincoln Garden Club

Linda Grant

Linda Lindsay

Lucien Rene

Meagan Lowden

Michael & Deanna McGee

Michelle McLean

Nancy Johnston

Smithville Quilters Guild

The Chechalk Family

The Coulter Family

West Lincoln Co-Op Nursery School

A Heartfelt Thank You

From the bottom of our hearts, we extend a sincere thank you to our esteemed sponsors. Your belief in our mission and your dedication to the West Niagara community have left an indelible mark. The success of this fair serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values.

Contributing to Success

Your generous sponsorship has directly translated into the resounding success of this year's fair. The funds and resources you provided have allowed us to introduce captivating attractions, engaging activities, and a truly immersive experience that attendees will remember for years to come.

Looking Forward

As we bring the curtains down on the 2023 West Niagara Fair, we can't help but look ahead with optimism and excitement. We envision future collaborations that will allow us to continue making a positive impact on our community. Your support has ignited a spark of possibility, and we're eager to explore what lies ahead.

Contact Us

Should you have any queries, ideas, or thoughts about future partnerships, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're available at 905-309-9939 and would love to hear from you.

Once again, thank you for being an indispensable part of the West Niagara Fair's success story. Your sponsorship has transformed an ordinary event into an extraordinary one, leaving an imprint on countless lives

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