WNAS Memorial Scholarship


The West Niagara Agricultural Society with the co-operation and support of the Niagara 4-H Association is pleased to present the Tricia Vaughan Memorial Scholarship Program. Through this program we hope to develop an awarenessof the importance and benefits of higher education. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

There will be three (3) scholarships awarded annually. The amount of these scholarships will be $1500; $1000; and $750. All other qualified applicants will receive $100.

These scholarships will be available to current members of Niagara 4-H who have completed at least six projects and are going on to attend a recognized post-secondary education program with a minimum duration of 12 weeks.

Applicants may reapply in subsequent years, if they meet the requirements, but may only win a scholarship once in their 4-H career.

Applicants will provide a written application to the WNAS including their name and contact information, school and 4-H club, as well as:

  • A copy of their academic report cards for their last year of secondary school 

  • A list of the applicant’s extra-curricular activities, including athletics, clubs and community service

  • A brief essay (less than 500 words) discussing their personal goals and objectives.

All personal information received with the applications will be treated according to the WNAS Privacy Policy.


A. Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee will consist of three members as designated by the WNAS Board of Directors. The members will be Directors with the WNAS and/or 4-H Niagara.

The applications will be received by the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee will screen the received applications for eligibility and forward the eligible applications to the Selection Committee.

B. Selection Committee
The Selection Committee will consist of three responsible individuals designated by the Scholarship Committee. The members should be free of any conflict with any of the applicants.

The Selection Committee will review the applications forwarded by the Scholarship Committee and will choose the three winners based on the selection guidelines.


The selection of the winning applications will be based on the following:
  • Academic Performance
  • Community and Extra-Curricular Involvement
  • The applicant’s essay
  • In person interview, at the discretion of the Selection Committee.


  • Applications will be received by the WNAS starting on April 1 of the current year.
  • The deadline for applications will be AUGUST 15th of the current year.
  • The Scholarship Committee will meet to screen the applications for eligibility and forward all eligible applications to the Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee will review the eligible applications and at their discretion select applicants for interviews. The interviews would be held at a mutually agreeable time in August.
  • The Selection Committee will notify the Scholarship Committee of the winners by August 31.
  • The Selection Committee is not obligated to award all prizes. Only applications considered worthy need be considered. Winning applicants must be accepted to and commence their post secondary education program in order to be awarded the prize money. Any surplus from unawarded prizes will be retained by the Scholarship Committee.
  • The winning applicants will be notified at the earliest convenience of the Scholarship Committee.
  • The winners will be invited, and encouraged, to attend an official award ceremony to be held as part of the opening ceremonies of the West Niagara Fair.

These Rules and Procedures may be revised by the Scholarship Committee prior to the call for applications for the next set of awards. Any revisions must be approved by the WNAS Board of Directors.

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