West Niagara Agricultural Society Directors

The Directors are a volunteer board carrying out the mandate of West Niagara Agricultural Society (WNAS).

The Directors are voted in as per our Constitution at our Annual General Meeting held in January each year.

Please note that due to Covid19 restrictions our AGM for 2021 has been postponed until further notice.

The 2020 WNAS Board of Directors:West Niagara Agricultural Society Directors

Executive Committee:

President: Michael Philpott

Past President: Russ Lowden

1st Vice President: Annette VanMarrum
2nd Vice President: Ron Murre
Executive Member at Large:  Jennifer Mott

Office Staff:

Secretary/Treasurer: Anita Philpott


Three year directors

Tom Harris,  Cal Loney, Russell Lowden, Ron Murre, Harry VanMarrum, James Gunn

Two year directors

Maleka Dittrick,  Aaron Lowden,  Colin Comfort, Heather Chechalk, Renate McGillivray

One year directors:

Bruce Comfort, Meagan Lowden, Jennifer Mott, Randy Murre, Michael Philpott, Annette VanMarrum

Junior Directors:

Positions open

Honourary Lifetime Directors:

Beverly Davies, Bill Harkness, Eleanor Kramer, Gus Wagonmaker

In Memoriam:

Fred Bell, Joe Charlton,  Dave Davies, Rea Holloway, Edward (Joe) Kelter, Milan Lymburner, Dave Muir, Tys Murre, Cyrus Lowden, Maryanne McDougall, Smith McDougall

Melva Panek, Lloyd Phillips, Lillian Romagnoli, Martin Taylor, Moree Thomas, Ross Thomas, Bud (Walter) Sanders, Verna Sisler, Charles Sisler, Tricia Vaughan,

Members & extra volunteers:

Membership roles range in responsibility including leadership of a specific activity or event; volunteer support at fair; volunteer support on the grounds and at fundraising events.

It's up to each member how much they want to become involved!

Members and volunteers are also encouraged to attend Board meetings held the third Tuesday of each month, to bring ideas and participate in discussions and planning.

New volunteers and members are always welcome.

To join West Niagara Agricultural Society, or for more information, please contact us through our 'send us email' from our Contacts tab

Thank you for your support!

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