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West Niagara Agricultural Society Directors


President:     Annette VanMarrum
Past President: Michael Philpott
1st VicePresident: Ron Murre
2nd VicePresident: Renate McGillivray
Member at Large Russ Lowden

Current Directors:

Heather Chechalk Meagan Lowden Cal Loney
Helen Thomas Maleka Dittrick Rick Keunen
Andrew VanMarrum Steve Vooys Harry VanMarrum
Tom Harris Aaron Lowden Kathy Whybourne

Directors are elected by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting and stand for a three year position. Any member can become a director after they have been a member for a year and actively participated in a committee for a year.                                         

In Memoriam:

Fred Bell, Joe Charlton,  Dave Davies, Rea Holloway, Edward (Joe) Kelter, Milan Lymburner, Dave Muir, Tys Murre, Cyrus Lowden, Maryanne McDougall, Smith McDougall, Ben Sisler

Melva Panek, Lloyd Phillips, Lillian Romagnoli, Martin Taylor, Moree Thomas, Ross Thomas, Bud (Walter) Sanders, Verna Sisler, Charles Sisler, Tricia Vaughan, Joe Hack

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