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 ***The 2020 Homecraft Prize Book Is Now HERE!***

Homecrafts are household arts and creative handcrafts that are usually made at home. These range from woodworking, handmade jewelry, creative items, paintings, baking, canning, sewing, quilting and more! The prize book provides the sections and classes of competitions as well as rules and regulations that must be followed. It also list the prizes and cash available to be won!

There is also a Junior Fair Homecraft section for the youth - So kids you can enter too!

Anyone can enter.  But entry must be made before the fair! To Learn more, browse through the Prizebooks!

The Homecraft prize book is divided into categories, that we call "Sections".

Sections include: Art (ranging from adult colouring book pages to paintings with watercolours, oils, string, or other mediums); Antiques & collectibles (where one can enter items they have collected or find); Crafts & Hobbies (scapbooking, woodworking, pottery, ceramics, stained glass, and specific hand-made objects out of a variety of mediums); Photography; Needle crafts (Sewing, crocheting, knitting, Embroidery); Quilting; For the gardeners - Vegetables, fruit, grains & hay; Flowers and Plants; and for the people who love the kitchen-Food (breads, buns, deserts, cookies);Canned goods and Preserves.   

Sections are further divided into "classes". Entries must fit into the description as described under the class. 

For example:  Section 27Art (Any medium or mixed media)

                     Class 100     A Pencil or Charcoal Sketch - any subject

For kids from the "wee ones" to age 16, there is a section called the Junior Fair, beginning on page 47 of the prize book.  These are competitions with similar sections and classes, but is limited to competition between kids.  (Don't miss the Poster competition on page 42!)

Also included in this prizebook is a special Senior organized group section.  See page 35 of the prize book for details.   And Special Needs - Section 40!

How to Enter:

1. Download a copy of the prize book and mark down the Section # and Class # you wish to enter. (you may want to print the prizebook) - be sure to read All the rules!

* To download an electronic copy of the prize book (printable .pdf format)  Click to download a PDF copy:

               Homecraft Prize Book 

2. Complete your entry(s) by clicking the on-line entry icon below, and follow the entry instructions given:

(entries can be entered now and up until, Wed, Sept 9, 2020, but we encourage you to get your entry tags before that day, as it gets busy that day. 

Note: If you do you entries early you can also always add more entries later or not bother with an entry if you find you cannot get it ready in time, no need to delete)


3. Then go to our fair office (check hours on the contact us page) and pick up your entry tags and claim card. Note: you will need to pay the exhibitor fee (Adults $10.00, Junior $5.00) and you will receive a free ticket to the fair!

4. Affix your tags to your entries and bring them to the fair on Wed., Sept 9, 2019 between Noon and 7pm.

5. Thurs, Sept 10, the items will be judged by skilled judges for each section and the winners will get placed ribbons! 

6. Come to the fair and see how your items placed and see all of the entries on display.  Entries must remain on display for the entire fair.

7. Then return to the fair on Sunday Sept 13, after 5pm to claim your items - Don't forget your claim card!

Consult the rules and regulations for further information; and, how prizes and prize moneys will be paid.

A Hard copy of our book is available through our fair office.

To request a hard copy or answer any questions,

email: westniagarafairsecretary@gmail.com or call (905)309-9939 and leave a message.


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