*New*-"Vision to Creativity" Kite Challenge

"Vision to Creativity" is a new event this year!

Can Pigs really fly?  How about a cow? a tractor? or??? - In this fair they can!

Here is the challenge - At home, make a kite that is Agricultural-related, for example a flying pig, tractor, or ??? - just let your creativity soar!... then come and fly it at the fair to win!


1. Open to anyone 20 yrs and younger. 

2. Kite must be Agricultural-related theme.

3. Kite must be able to fly - demonstrated by flying the kite or showing a video of the kite in flight.

Bring your kite to the fair and fly it to win!

Kites will be judged on creativity and "fly-ability"

First prize - $30.00

Second prize - $20.00

Sponsored by Dr. Cynthia Merritt, Merritt Eye Care, Family Optometry, Smithville

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