West Niagara Schooling Series - Classes

June 7th - July 5th  - August 9th

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9 am Start

Beginner Division

1.       Leadline (9 and under)

2.       Walk/Trot Equitation

3.       Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle

4.       Walk/Trot Crossrail

Novice/Green Division 2ft

5.       Novice Hunter Under Saddle

6.       Green Hunter Under Saddle

7.       Novice/Green  Hunter Over Fences 2ft *

8.       Novice Green Equitation Over Fences 2ft*

*Novice and Green over fences classes will be run together but pinned separately.

2’3” Hunters

9.       Equitation Under Saddle

10.   Hunter Under Saddle

11.   Hunter Over Fences 2’3”

12.   Equitation Over Fences 2’3”

Hack Division

13.   Road Hack

14.   Show Hack

15.   Pleasure Hack

16.   Equitation Under Saddle

2’6” Hunters

17.   Equitation Under Saddle

18.   Hunter Under Saddle

19.   Hunter Over Fence 2’6”

20.   Equitation Over Fences 2’6”

.75 Jumpers

1.       Table A (Immediate Jump Off)

2.       Power & Speed

3.       Speed

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