Miniature Horse Show - AMHR Show

The West Niagara Fair is happy to be host to the: 2018 American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) SHOW!

on Sunday Sept 9th in the Richardson Building

Link to AMHS at the West Niagara Fair on Facebook

The  Miniature Horse - Unique...Interesting...Versatile...A Class All of Its Own!
The American Miniature Horse Registry is the original registry for the Miniature Horse in the United States. Registering as many as 10,000 horses each year and hosting an annual national show, AMHR recognizes two sizes and is the most comprehensive small equine option.

Division "A" Miniatures are up to 34" in height while the Division "B" Miniatures are between 34" and 38" tall. Unlike the majority of most equine breeds, miniature horses are measured at the last hair of their mane rather than at their wither. Miniature horses come in a full spectrum of coat colorings and patterns and (unlike Shetlands), a spotted appaloosa is an accepted and popular coloring in the American Miniature Horse Registry.

Its Beginnings
The AMHR miniature horse is one of the most interesting and unique equine in existence. Althought their actual history is sometimes debated, the American Miniature Horse developed right along with the 20th century. By the mid 1950's, many pony farms were raising diminutive horses for fun. By the early 1970s, the American Miniature Horse Registry was created by the American Shetland Pony Club, Inc., to serve the needs of this growing area of equine interest. Today, the miniature horse is a popular, versatile, well-respected and much-loved animal. -

Rules and Regulations and Entry Forms:

2018 AMHR Information *click here*

2018 AMHR Class List *click here*

2018 AMHR Entry Form *click here*

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