2016 Winner

2016 Tricia Vaughan Scholarship winner

This year only one worthy applicant applied for and received a scholarship. Breeann Wiley. Breeann is an 18 yr old student who will be attending Trillium College, training to be a registered massage therapist with the plan to practice on humans then transferring her skills to the equine world.

“I grew up in West Lincoln then moved to Niagara Falls when I was 9 and I have lived here ever since. I was a member of the Wainfleet Horse club, Wainfleet Vet club, Wainfleet Vegetable club, Bertie Judging club and Bertie Digital Photography club. Right now I am just a member of the Wainfleet Horse club. I am presently working two jobs, going to school plus training my horse, this makes me a very busy girl. I plan on using the scholarship for my education, I am attending Trillium College in St Catharines for massage therapy. My goal when I finish massage therapy for humans is to expand into horse massage therapy to benefit both horse and rider, I have always had a love for animals but horses are my main passion. It all started when I was 6 months old and I would sit in front of my aunt in the saddle and we would take rides around the pen, and you can probably say I never got off. Now my passion is barrel racing; the speed, the adrenaline the rush is just an experience out of this world it is so hard to explain, you just feel one with your horse. The bond that I have with horses is unbreakable. I want to make it what I do and if that is working on becoming a massage therapist for both humans and horses then that is my goal in life, to make it better for the animals that we spend countless hours with and making them the best that they can be.”
Tricia was a tireless worker for the Niagara 4-H Association the former
Smithville Agricultural Society and the former Lincoln Agricultural Society and the current West Niagara Agricultural Society.

 Presenting the Tricia Vaughan Memorial Scholarship for one thousand five hundred dollars are Norman and Catharine Vaughan, the parents of Tricia Vaughan and Caroline Robins, Tricia’s
favourite sister.





2015 Tricia Vaughan Scholarship winners

scholarship recipients, photo by Niagara-this-WeekThe Tricia Vaughan Memorial Scholarship celebrates young leaders who have excelled in their achievements as 4-H club members and at school and in their community.

This year’s awards were presented by Catharine and Norman Vaughan to Benjamin Rauh, Katie Chechalk and Alessandra Bianco. From left: Catharine Vaughan, Benjamin, Alessandra Bianco, Andrew Chechalk accepting for his sister, Katie and Norman Vaughan.

It’s a joint effort of the West Niagara Agricultural Society and The Niagara 4-H Association and is named in memory of Tricia Vaughan, a tireless worker with the Niagara 4-H Association, the West Niagara Agricultural Society and both of its predecessors the Smithville Agricultural Society and the Lincoln Agricultural Society. Tricia died a couple of years ago at a far too young age of 42.

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By Ann Marie Chechalk

2014 Scholarship Winners

1st Prize - Mary-Lynn VanLankveld
Mary-Lynn Van Lankveld is an 18 year old student in her first year at the University of Western Ontario in the Medical Science Program. She enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at the local hospital or Children's treatment Centre and is on the ice rink playing hockey as often as possible. In high school, she was an active member of the student's council, participated in many clubs and sports teams as well as being a social climate animator and Jericho House Retreat Leader. In her community, Mary-Lynn volunteers at Rotary events, participates in fund raisers for the local fire department and is an active member of her church. She has been a member of various 4H clubs over the past 6 years and loves going on hikes with her family, reading and listening to music.

2nd Prize - Stacey Leppert
I am 18, attending Niagara College (second year) of Hospitality Management. I have just applied for a Hospitality school in British Columbia as well as another called Glion in Switzerland for an advanced hospitality course. I have been in 4-H/ Pre 4/H since the age of six! I have done the dairy club every year since as well as other clubs including; Judging club, Vet club, Scrapbooking and Plow Club. This past year I was very lucky to get the experience of West Niagara Fair ambassador!

3rd Prize - Karyn Marshalland

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