Opportunities as West Niagara's Fair and Society Ambassador

West Niagara Ambassador Program

Representing West Niagara Agricultural Society and the West Niagara Fair!

Being Fair Ambassador is a wonderful way to be involved in your community, meet new people, gain skills that will benefit you in leadership, public speaking and to establish yourself as a young adult in your community. The Ambassador will be able to participate in many aspects of the Fair and have LOTS of fun! 

Opportunities and responsibilities of Ambassador:

· West Niagara Fair - The Fair runs Friday to Sunday, the first weekend after Labour Day.  The Ambassador will need to make a short introductory speech at the opening ceremonies on Friday evening, in acceptance of their role and welcoming everyone to the fair.  As the Ambassador, you will need to be available throughout all three days of the Fair; and will help with the presenting of ribbons, trophies or assistance with events.   (If the Ambassador is a 4-H member, they will be expected to participate in 4-H shows with their clubs as well). The Ambassador is the ‘Face of the Fair’ and should be walking about and meeting and greeting the crowds whenever possible. 

· Agricultural Society events - The Ambassador is a representative of the West Niagara Agricultural Society. The society holds various events, in addition to the fair, throughout the year (Dances, fundraisers, etc.) to which the Ambassador is invited. If you can attend, you will be able to join in the activities. A short greeting speech may be requested at these events.  

· 4-H Awards Banquet – The Ambassador will be invited to attend the annual Niagara 4-H Association awards banquet and bring greetings for the West Niagara Agricultural Society

· OAAS District 6 AGM – On the first Saturday in November, the Ambassador will be invited to participate by giving a speech at the Annual General Meeting.   It is an opportunity to meet the other Ambassadors and share your experiences – Don’t worry we will assist you on what is expected in your speeches.

· Christmas Parades – As Ambassador you will be asked to walk with the West Niagara Agricultural Society float at both the Smithville (last Saturday in November 1pm to 3:30pm) and Grimsby (first Saturday in December (4pm to 8pm) Christmas parades.   If possible the Ambassador is invited to help come create and decorate the floats – they are also encouraged to bring their friends.

· West Niagara Agricultural Society Meetings & Annual General Meeting – The Ambassador is encouraged volunteer and attend meetings to learn more about the role of the West Niagara Agricultural Society; the Fair; participate in discussions; become more involved; learn about parliamentary procedure, and encourage friends and members of the community to join as well. Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the Community Hall (The AGM meeting is in January).  

· OAAS Convention & Report – Attend the OAAS Convention! The convention is a 3 day event Thursday to Saturday in February, usually the 2nd or 3rd weekend and has a special program for Fair Ambassadors!  The West Niagara Fair Ambassador will meet the Ambassadors from the other Fairs in Ontario (80+ young men and women) and learn more about agriculture; Ontario Fairs; and about being a great representative for your Agricultural Society. 

 · Canadian National Exhibition – “CNE Ambassador of the Fairs” competition is open to Ambassadors who are at least 18 years of age by the 3rd Friday in August.  The Competition runs from Friday to Sunday, which is the first weekend of the CNE.   The Winner becomes the CNE Ambassador and will stay for the duration of the CNE, as well as hold the title for the year; and there are monetary prizes for the top 7 contestants!

· School Assembly Fair Promotion – Ambassadors are asked to help promote the Fair by attending specially arranged elementary and secondary school assemblies, bringing awareness to Fair activities, events, the Ambassador Program and volunteerism in the community as requested  

· West Niagara Fair Ambassador Facebook Page & Website – As Ambassador, you will be asked to document your year as Ambassador by posting photos and sharing about your experiences throughout the year!

· Support – There is a committee of volunteers to assist the Ambassador to prepare for any events they attend.  There is also the opportunity to attend other area Fairs and bring back suggestions to help grow the West Niagara Fair and Ambassador program

· Personal Education & Development – Ambassadors are expected to make education their priority, while doing their best to participate in all opportunities to represent the West Niagara Agricultural Society.  If there is a conflict between their schooling and representation, their education must take priority. 

The Ambassador will have access to someone to help coach and prepare for speeches and events. All events that the Ambassador attends will also be attended by a chaperone. The Ambassador will have no entry fees or meal expenses at any of the events, including the fair.  For both the OAAS Conference or CNE expenses for transportation, hotel and meals will not be the Ambassador’s responsibility.

The most important responsibility is to have fun, while promoting agriculture, the society and fair;
 while demonstrating the importance of volunteerism and support for the community!

See the main Ambassador page for application details* - We look forward to having you represent US!

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