2016 Fair Prize Entry Rules & Regulations

Please read the rules and regulations carefully - Additional and/or exception to the general rules and regulations may precede each section. * Please keep a watch on this page for updated 2017 rules and regulations*

Rules and Regulations - printable

Exhibitor Fees

  • All Exhibitors (including livestock shows) must pay a yearly Exhibitor Fee of $10.00 per person. An Exhibitor is entitled to enter as many exhibits as desired, but only one exhibit per class, unless otherwise specified.
  • The Junior Exhibitor’s fee is $5.00 for boys and girls 16 years of age and under as of Sep. 1, 2016. Only a Junior Exhibitor is entitled to enter Junior Fair classes. A Junior Exhibitor entering any Adult Fair class is required to pay the $10.00 Exhibitor Fee.
  • Groups must pay an Exhibitor Fee of $10.00. This entitles the group to enter any Group classes. Individual members of Groups may enter other classes if they pay an individual Exhibitor fee.
  • Exhibitors are entitled to one (1) free admission to the Fair.


  • All entries must be on Official Entry Forms and in accordance with instructions on same or in the Prize List, giving all information requested. Each Exhibitor must have his/her own entry form. Entry forms may be obtained from the West Niagara Fair Office during scheduled office hours or downloaded from the website. Each entry form must be signed by the Exhibitor.
  • Any Exhibitor exhibiting any article not her/his own work shall forfeit any prize money and be ineligible to exhibit for 2 years.
  • An Exhibitor may enter as many articles/exhibits as they wish, but only one entry per section, except in specified classes and Livestock classes.
  • Each entry must have an Entry tag attached. Entry tags are to be filled out completely. Entry tags may be picked up at the Fair Office during scheduled office hours. To have entry tags mailed, include a handling fee of $2.00.


  • All entry forms must be received at the West Niagara Fair office by the Wed. just prior to fair open, by either by mail; on-line (see instructions for on-line entries following rules); or in person, except where otherwise noted for a specific section.


  • An Entry Fee will be deducted from prize winnings as stated in the additional rules for each division. In certain classes where an entry fee has already been paid, no further deductions will be made.


  • All Exhibitors, with the exception of Junior Fair exhibitors and 4-H club members, winning a total of $15.00 or more in prize money will have the following year’s Exhibitor fee retained from this year’s winnings.
  • Prize money will be paid by cheque and mailed within 60 days after the close of the Fair. No payment of prize money, with the exception of Junior Fair, will be made at Fair time. All prize money cheques not cashed on or before October 31, 2015 will be non-negotiable and money will be retained by the Society.
  • In case of bad weather or other unfavorable circumstances, the Society will pay only such portion of the prizes as can be paid from excess of actual income over expenditure.


  • No Exhibitor shall interfere with the Judges, Committee Members or judging process in any way. Nor shall said Exhibitor permit any agent of anyone working on his behalf to show disrespect to any Judge. The decision of the Judge shall be final in all cases, except where fraud, misrepresentation or collusion is proven. In such cases, the Executive Committee shall make the final decision.
  • The Judges are requested not to award prizes to animals or articles that they consider unworthy. Each Committee is authorized to instruct the Judges to this effect. It is the intention of the Lincoln County Fair to give no distinction or premium of any kind to an exhibit that does not deserve of such award.
  • Should there be only one Exhibitor in a section, the judges may use their own discretion as to awarding a prize, but shall in no case award unless they consider the exhibit worthy of a prize.


  • Any Exhibitor who violates any of the preceding and following rules, or any rules printed in any of the Sections of the Prize List shall be liable, upon the decision of the Executive Committee, to the forfeiture of any and all prizes, prize money and awards which may have been awarded to the Exhibitor as well as any entry fees that may have been paid, whether for any entry shown before or after such violation, and such Exhibitor may be barred from showing at the West Niagara Fair for such period as the Executive Committee may determine.


  • All exhibits shall be under the control and direction of the Society but solely at the risk of the Exhibitor. The Society will not be responsible for damage, injury, loss or theft of any exhibit, regardless of the cause of such damage, injury or theft. Each Exhibitor will be solely responsible for any article exhibited by him/her and shall indemnify the Society against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto.


  • Any Exhibitor lodging a protest must make it in writing. This protest must be received by the West Niagara Fair office before 6:00 p.m. on the date in which the entry concerned was shown, or no later than the last day of the Fair. It must be accompanied by a deposit of $50.00, which will be forfeited to the Society, if the said protest is not sustained.


  • The Society will not be responsible for any errors, printing or otherwise, in the Prize List.


  • Any information collected by the West Niagara Agricultural Society (WNAS) regarding Members, Exhibitors, commercial exhibitors, sponsors, Directors and any other persons related directly to the business of the WNAS and the West Niagara Fair, will be used solely for the purposes of promotion of the WNAS and the West Niagara Fair, and for the maintenance of their files and data base. Any Member, Exhibitor, commercial exhibitor, sponsor or Director realizes that, when they agree to take part in the WNAS and the West Niagara Fair, their names may be published for these reasons only. None of this information whatsoever will be sold or transferred to any outside party for any other reason.

Rules and Regulations - printable

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