*New* Frog Jumping Contest - Sat. starts at 2:30pm

Have you every caught a real live frog?  They can really jump!

Well this Contest is for the young and young at heart! 

By the way there are world competitions for this sport!

First you have to catch a Frog! - now be gentle and be humane about this.  Put it in a safe container with lots of air holes and a dish of water and if you catch it long before the fair, make sure it has lots to eat (PS they eat insects!)

Now bring your frog to the fair and enter our

Frog jumping contest.

To win there are two categories:

1. Biggest Frog

2. Frog that jumps the furthest

(Winner for each category receives $20.00!)

All entries receive a free milshake from the 4H Booth!

Again, please remind everyone to please take care of the health and welfare of your frog.

All ages welcome!

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