West Niagara Fair 2014


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The West Niagara Fair
The West Niagara Agricultural Society has prepared a press release, November 11, 2014 - press release



UrgentWest Niagara Agricultural Society:

Well folks - we have one last kick at the can to vote for our horse rings at the new grounds! We still haven't made it to the semi-finals. If we hope to do so - we need at least 1000 votes to stand a chance -- please share this link and encourage all your friends to participate and vote every day and for the next 14 days!

The funding provided by AVIVA would go a long way in building the horse show rings!

Our project for this competition is to receive the monies required to build the horse show rings, fencing and penning at the NEW West Niagara Agricultural Centre. We encourage everyone to vote each day . The higher the votes, the more chance we have of being one of the semi-finalists. Mark your calendar to go back to vote each day.
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Help us Raise the Barn. Grow the Community with our Holiday Poinsettia Sale!


You can help in one of two ways:

1. Join our team to sell the Poinsettias to your friends, family and neighbours and co-workers. Click here to register, we will send you everything you need to get started.
2. Buy only the plants you would like to decorate your own home or business for the holidays below. You can order on-line here or contact one of the following people to place an order.

Debi Katsmar 905-354-8273 or email to email 30

All orders must be paid by November 19th. We will arrange for delivery of the plants to one central location the first or second week of December.

Poinsettias6" poinsettias $ 9.00
poinsetias 210" poinsettias $20.00
Winter Greenery10" winter greenery $30.00

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The 2014 West Niagara Fair - A Slide Show
The Volunteers

A small sample of the many volunteers, who not only brought the 2014 West Niagara Fair to West Lincoln but made it the success it was. See you in 2015.